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Chill Mom Summer 😎

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As a child, the summer months between one school year and the next usually passed by in a blur of sleeping in, eating freezies and hanging out with friends. As a parent? Cue "Stressed Mom Summer". As this Romper article so aptly describes it: "...decades after my own sun-soaked reveries, summer looks very different for our family — and many other families across the country. With the high price and limited availability of camps, the increased cost of living demanding more double-working-parent families, fewer multi-generational households than in other nations, and the societal expectation that parents (often mothers) are on their own to figure it all out, the divide between the way we spent our summers as kids — and how our parents spent theirs when we were young — and how we are now forced to approach the season as caregivers has expanded into a gaping chasm." 

Throw in the pressures of social media showcasing everyone's summer vacation highlight reel, climate change contributing to rising temperatures and navigating the delicate balance of childcare, work, and fun...summer is no longer the idyllic break of childhood past. Whether you're at home with your kids or you're a working mom, nobody is fully immune to the spell that summertime can cast over us and the accompanying stress of wanting to make it magical.  

We're right there with you, mama. We're all feeling the grip on our wallets and trying to do the best for our families. Let being a part of the Mamaraderie community help to keep you cool, from taking advantage of all our sweet deals and member perks to finding the best outings and activities for you and your family, so you can enjoy "Chill Mom Summer" instead 😎