How it works

Want to be friends with moms in your neighbourhood but don't know how to approach them? Making new mom friends doesn't have to be awkward. All of our members are here for the same reason - to meet amazing moms like you! And creating those meaningful friendships has never been easier. 

Once you become a member, follow these 3 simple steps.

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1. Create your profile

The best part of meeting online is that you have full control over your first impression. Use your profile to let your personality shine through!

Start with a brief description, you can always come back to update it later.

2. Find moms near you

Browse our map to find moms located closest to you.  Click on the red location marker to view a profile and find moms who share similar interests.

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3. Start connecting!

Found a mom you'd like to friend? Send her a message! There are lots of great ways to start a conversation, like mentioning some of the things you may have in common. 


Connect with as many moms as you'd like to build your crew!

It's that easy.